It all started with a pony!

In 1961, Denvil Brown bought his eldest son David, a pony. It was a cute, spirited 12.2 hand; strawberry roan 2-year-old pony named Sonny. The only problem was, Sonny had no home. So Denvil bought a farm and db Farms was born.

From this simple beginning 43 years ago, db Farms has grown to three farms with over 400 acres and was multifaceted. It hosted cow/calf operations, goat and sheep husbandry, cash cropping and a sundry of other animal raising activities. The horse operation throughout has been the focal point of the farm. It is where the hobby farm derives its hobby.

Over the years, db Farms’ stables has housed, kid’s ponies, hunters and jumpers, under and over saddle ponies, cobtail and longtail hackney ponies, hackney horses, American Saddlebred horses – 3 gaited, 5 gaited and fine harness, Parade horses, Standardbred trotting horses, Quarterhorses, Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds, Belgian draft horses and the majestic Clydesdale horse. db Farms‘ love of horses is certainly not restricted to one breed.

Showing of these ponies and horses has been a main stay for db Farms from the beginning. The first show at Navan Fair saw the ponies and horses ridden the 9 miles to the fair. Trusty Sonny managed to play 4th out of 40 in the local pony class, David was elated! The 60’s and 70’s saw db Farms’ hackney ponies, American Saddlebreds and Parade horses at fairs throughout Ontario. As his children grew out of showing, Denvil moved to develop a string of top quality Clydesdale draft horses. He imported a herd sire from Scotland, Bandarrin True Fashion (Dino to his friends). Dino was the cornerstone to improve the quality of db Farms’ Clydes ranks among the best of Canadian Clydesdales. In October 2003,  Mr. Brown retired from the horse business and sold all his Clydesdales.  db Farms did not ignore the light horses during those heavy horse days.   The stable boasts top bred Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods and Quarterhorses. Although most of these horses are now used for pleasure, there is an active breeding program.

In 2003 db Farms is now owned and operated by Denvil’s daughter, Darlene. Darlene ran a very successful boarding facility until 2010 at which time she wanted to scale back her work load and had the idea of starting a not-for-profit horse boarding Co-operative and renting her barns. Darlene carefully hand picked the members to be part of the Co-operative and she and the members worked very hard to get the Co-operative off the ground. The Co-op has since taken on a life of its own and is fully run by its current executive. The other two barns on the property are currently rented by Valduc Farms operated by Roxanne Valois, a very close friend to Darlene.

db Farms is an experienced, well rounded equine facility; after all, it all started with a pony!

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